Business software development done right. Information is at the heart of today's business core processes. Line of business applications that streamline performance.

Welcome to Sheshek data dynamics, our expertise is that place where IT meets business processes.

We engage our clients where they require expert services, in order to facilitate the optimal information solution and create business advantage. Software development, business analysis, requirements engineering, functional design, prototyping services, turn-key software development, business intelligence and performance analytics are a number of our key services to help achieve IT success from a business perspective. We are accomplished IT professionals that are committed to bridge the rift between business understanding and the technical requirements to meet business practice. We speak 'business' we speak 'IT' let us help you communicate.



    Tap into our knowledge

    Best practices forged by industry experience. Both business and IT are a combination of art and science; craftsmanship. This is our professional standard. We consider good craftsmanship to be the key to IT business success. We only promise what we can deliver and we deliver what we promise.



    You talk, we listen

    If it lives it moves, flexible things move better. We are only conservative when we believe it is in our client's best interests. Other times we are curious to meet new challenges and accommodate our clients changing needs.



    A talent for tools

    We believe there is no such thing as a problem with no solution, it is a matter of finding and applying the right tools.



    Ready yesterday

    Time is critical for project success. We learn fast, understand fast, work fast but we talk slow. That's our trick, it helps us never compromise quality for speed.



    In the here and now

    Requirements change, reality changes, people and process need to adapt. We rejoice in this fact, and try to facilitate smooth adaptations for our clients



    Real help, not just documentation

    Solutions are adopted when users are comfortable using them. Support becomes the cornerstone of success. We are communicative and patient helping our clients solve their problems.



    We really listen, then we respond

    It's not all technical. It's also about people processes and uncertainty. We are not computer geeks that understand only 0's and 1's but we can communicate with them successfully as well



    Get the job done

    Once retained it is a matter of principle, ethics and professional integrity to get the job done, on time and on budget.

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