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    Business analysis

    Get to know the problem


    Requirements engineering

    Break it down


    Functional design

    Design solution


    Data modeling

    Create the entity map



    Create a model for users


    Rapid development

    Bespoke turn-key solutions.



    Run meetings and workshops



    Run seminars and courses


    Creative workshops

    Problem solving & product development


    Performance management & BI

    KPI, dashboards, reporting

We study your business case, its context, details and implications.

Business performance, competitive advantage, operational efficiency, are all products of well-designed streamlined business processes. IT is a core medium through which these processes operate. We practice Business analysis with this insight. Our tools and standards are top of the line and we accommodate our clients chosen methodologies.

  • Business strategy & IT optimization - Planning for IT value.
  • Structured analytic techniques for problem solving.
  • UML diagramming and use-cases for a clear standards based design process.
  • Stakeholder interviews and workshops.

We systematically gather all requirements needed to solve the business case.

Working with key stakeholders and users we synthesize all system requirements to meet the business case. Users, systems, security, infrastructure, enterprise policies, master-data; all these perspectives form the subject domains from which requirements are designed to fit into the business process. We manage these complexities through CASE and requirements management systems.

  • Clarify all business requirements.
  • Safeguard business case rational in face of user requirements "tide".
  • Requirements management systems: IBM Doors, Borland Caliber and more.
  • Define requirements that are conductive for future functional design

We create the functional design of the systems.

Translate the user requirements into a software solution blueprint. One that developers can understand and appreciate and will successfully translate into software. User screens, major business rules and all major functionalities are documented and cross-referenced to requirements.

  • Trace functionality to its cause: Functionality - requirement - business case.
  • Functional design clear for user sign off.
  • Functional design clear and thorough for system detailed design or vendor RFP.
  • The corner stone for IT project success and future IT value.

We model your domain entities into normalized efficient data models.

A clear data model is at the heart of IT operational efficiency. Translating Entities "out there" in the business world into corresponding efficient data models ensures your system correspond to your business processes and that they can grow as your process changes. A data model is a key measure whether the functional specs have captured the requirements and that they translate well into a software solution. This is why an ERD is already important in the early phases of development. Specialized data schemas for Data warehouses require the modeling of system data from several domains, such integration requires business understanding as well as technical skills.

  • ERD modeling.
  • Operational schemas and data warehouses.
  • Relational, object, document oriented schemas.
  • DB schema prototyping.

We build software prototypes to test functionality and increase user involvement in the development process.

We believe the key to successful software, one that fulfills its business objective, is a clear accurate definition from the start. Prototyping the solution very early on, ensures users and developers are exactly on the same page as to what the software should do. Prototyping can be passive (wire frames) semi-dynamic (wire frames + navigation) and dynamic (working software, including core business logic). Prototypes can be Horizontal (mapping as much of the system as they can) or vertical (mapping a core part of the system). For some small to medium project an iterative agile development process can evolve the prototype to the final working software.

  • Passive & dynamic prototyping.
  • Rapid app development using MS-Access, Radarc, IronSpeed, Codeontime, MS-Lightswitch and more.
  • Get user involvement from the start.
  • Test functional design before point of no return.

We build complete turn-key solutions using agile model driven development.

For small to medium software requirements, speed and cost are key factors governing project success. For such cases, we deliver state of the art web applications fast and cost efficient using a model driven approach and meta-programming tools. This way we are able to greatly reduce framework coding time and concentrate on your business logic.

  • Executable UML.
  • Lightswitch applications.
  • State of art web-application.
  • Adhere to best practice and corporate policies.

We run your meetings and workshops. From idea initiation through project kick-off, analysis workshops, design marathons, touch base reviews and more.

Where there is a business need and initiative but not yet a solution, there is uncertainty and confusion. We work with stakeholders to facilitate clarity, understanding, decision, and mitigation of conflicting requirements. We are patient and attentive yet time and costs aware. Diplomatic yet opinionated when it comes to knowledge and experience. Always respectful and professional.

  • Real communication.
  • Run meetings seminars, workshops, mitigations.
  • Patient, Respectful and professional
  • Peapole, process and systems aware.

We teach our craft when clients want to train their own practitioners.

Client tailored instruction suits to train management, users, business analysts, software architects, developers in the various methodologies of the software initiation and planning phase. Planning right for software means getting it right the first time, on schedule and on budget. Getting key personal proficient in these tools and methodologies ensures your in-house staff has a strong grip on this important phase even if you outsource actual software development. More understanding spells more clarity, less risk, less costs, and more project success.

  • Standards training - UML, ITIL, BABOK.
  • Requirements engineering.
  • Entity/data modeling.
  • Performance management, KPI design.

We run creative innovation workshops using structured techniques.

Structured techniques provide scaffolding for thought. When innovative solutions are required or before "same old" solutions drain budget without cost benefit, we facilitate creative workshops where we work with your team to facilitate new solutions.

  • TRIZ & SIT in an IT context.
  • New product & program development.
  • Innovation & troubleshooting.
  • Structured [yet flexible] approach to secure results.

We design performance metrics to help your processes, people and systems meet your business strategy.

Performance metrics allow decision makers to measure the pulse of the business and drive it purposefully along a value driven business strategy. We specialize in a niche of non-financial performance metrics to help measure "intangible" business drivers. If it has real impact we will find a way to measure it.

  • Performance dashboards and scorecards.
  • KPI metrics design.
  • Measurement of "intangible" business drivers.
  • Translate corporate strategy to measurable, actionable metrics.

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